What do we do?

We provide a tool to perform load tests in understand results.
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So how exactly will this tool help me understand my REST APIs?

Success rate. An API should always return (or perform) the requested action correctly and we need to validate that (even under a gradually increasing number of requests initiated) the API response is still correct.

Latency. The response time when issuing 1 request or 10000 requests per second will differ and you need to be aware how much your application will handle before response time deteriorates too much to be acceptable.

Dynamic requests. Doing the same request over and over could lead to server caching or server optimisations that will cause your results to be false-positive. Define dynamic path params, parameters or body content so that consecutive requests are slightly different from each other.

Metrics and alerting. Metrics are displayed into simple to understand visuals and you can setup your tests to be executed periodically (and be alerted if the performance dropped under acceptable levels)

Integrations. As engineers we understand the need to provide ways to trigger and collect results programmatically.

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